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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day: Great Book From A Great Friend

Still searching for that pull apart recipe. I can't let that keep me from progress. Today's recipe is from HBinFive by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. I am making a 5 grain whole wheat. Jeff's recipe is for 10 grain but alas, I could only find the 5 grain cereal by Bob's Red Mill. For the reference to 5 minutes a day, Jeff instructs how to make the dough in quantity and have it in the fridge so you can bake when you wish over several days. 
This bread recipe goes together rather wet and moist. In his procedure, kneading isn't such a big deal; slow, cold fermentation is. That is why the dough has been in the refrigerator since yeasterday afternoon. :) Baker's humor!
Now the dough is ready for dividing and minimal handling to shape. Resting for 90 minutes I have more than enough time to clean the kitchen, play with the pups, read and figure out how to upload my photos. 
This bread bakes in a HOT oven @ 450 for 30 or so minutes.  To obtain a wonderful crunchy crust, the dough needs steam. A pan below the rack with hot water added when the loaves go into the oven or my style.... I throw in an 1/8 cup of water and close the door. I do this three times in 20 second intervals. Be careful to protect the glass in the oven door with a towel. Now the hard part, waiting for the end result!  The slashes opened nicely accenting the seed coverage.  And before I could post pictures, one loaf is all but devoured. 
 Lisa T., I baked this one for you today.  Thanks for a great book and feeding my passion for baking! 


  1. And they were delicious too! Even David liked them. This blog is AMAZING. You are such a talented woman - I am proud to be your friend.

    When I get home, you can come shop to see if we have any more tools for your craft.


  2. Thanks. Your encouragement, confidence, and friendship are the best gifts. ~L~

  3. Thanks, Elwood. I love that you check in and leave a note.
    Loved the Billy Goat Hill video link on our blog page. I have much yet to learn!

  4. I definitly want this recipe. It looks yummy!!!

  5. Well I never posted how delicious this bread was. I looked forward to all meals...made sandwiches, it accompanied eggs and was delicious with a slice of jarlsburg. Loved the seed combination, very different.