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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lost a Recipe

Oh, the memories of the tender, aromatic parmesan-garlic-pull apart loaf of the 70's!  Had the recipe card just weeks ago and now it eludes me.  I wish to post it here with an account of the first time I made this mouth-watering-ever-tender-you can't-eat-it-slow bread!  But it is not to be today. I am searching through the leaves of cookbooks for where I may have tucked it.  When I get my hands on it, I will share for the search on the internet has not yielded my recipe.  This is NOT made with commercial refrigerated biscuits of any kind.  Even Uncle Phaedrus doesn't seem to have it  and he has everything imaginable!    This is today's post as I am in search mode.  Thanks for checking in.  I'll be back . . .


  1. Isn't it wonderful the memories cooking sparks. I used to be in the kitchen with my dad. He was the chef. He would plop my sister and I on top of the refrigerator so we could watch. He loves to create beautiful edible works or art. He is much like your mom in the sense that as soon and something is dirty, he would wash it and continually wiping down the counters as needed. He also said, if you clean as you go you will not be overwhelmed when you are finished. This way we could eat and everything would be cleaned. Kind of painless, because who likes to go back into the kitched to clean up after a fabulous meal? Thanks for the post and the memories. Beth

  2. I love that you shared cooking memories here, Beth. That is a great story!