Flying Flour, Splashing Spices, Roomful Aromas

Havaneze Boys

Hey, my name is Che`Drama.  I am the calm, quiet one on the left.  that other "boy" is my younger half brother.  I put up with him and his antics.  He thinks he is everyone's favorite but we all know that really is me!  I have big brown eyes you can see when Ma cuts my bangs and I have curly, wavy hair that can change colors.  Yes, I can change colors.  No not like that, Silly.  But from tan to more of a reddish and sometimes the black highlights return.  My whiskers are bi-color.  Blonde to black and back again depending on how long they get.

See me!  See me, with  'blue eyes' and blacker than night hair?  See me?  My name is FidelRomeo.  Don't pay any attention to the blonde one there next to me.  He just gets in my way!  See him in my way.  HEhehe, I just push him out of the way!  This is when we were babies and slept in a bedside table drawer at the hotel.  We slept in the drawer that night with our water dish and we had room to play!

Then finally, we got our bangs cut.  WOW!!!  I didn't know there was so much to see!  Lizards, flowers, bugs, ants, frogs, dogs, birds  and ??  What?  What is that?
A      c  a  t ?   A  cat!   rrrrr, grrrr,  rrruuuuffff, gruff,     barkbar-rao-rh-arrrk.