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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Little Smoke, A little heat and a Whole lotta Time

Hey, hey, hey!  Here it is, vegans beware!  Content may be offensive!  The Combsman did his 3 AM thing wrestling the pig to the smoker donning the dry rub secret.  A little heat and smoke a whole lotta time and the results are in.  Napkins at the ready -----; view the photos.  Here we have three pork butts, bone in fresh from the smoker.  There is a nice color, nice bark, juices and ooooohhhhhh, the aroma is killer.  Pulled pork on fresh buns.  Too busy to  get more photos.  Next time, I promise.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Smoker Repair Component in Place

Here is the new component for the smoker repair in place.  [Note: The entire smoker is upside down in photos]This is the pan which holds the water and a compartment for the wood. A new $14 drill bit was consumed in the installation adding to the repair cost.  Combsman and I are okay with that as the replacement of the entire smoker who far exceed the repair costs.  Now the plan is to break in the new pan this week.  Time to smoke some pork butt.  Not the ham section
or the shoulder, but the butt-with-bone-in!  Takes longer but the flavor is enhanced.  The Combsman has been perfecting his smoking skills now for about six years.  BBQ in Florida, that is real BBQ, is not easy to come by.  Yes there is PA BBQ but let's face it, that is NOT BBQ.  They steam cook with liquid smoke way off the premises, warm it up, serve it up.  There are a couple of BBQ trailer/wagons around but we don't care for the commute when there is no guarantee of good ol' home smoked goodness.  We did try a few places around and then I gave the Combsman a smoker for an anniversary surprise.

There  will be photos of the test run of the new pan later this week and the end product.  Too bad the blog-o-sphere has not incorporated the smell-o-blog AP because this process makes the neighborhood drool!  Maybe Apple should get on that, ASAP!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not All Has to do with Yeast

Bread is great and can often win the table all on its own.  But the saying is "man does not live by bread alone".  And well we came to understand this concept the summer the smoker died!

It has been an arduous search by the Combsman to find the replacement piece he needs for repair.  As the summer has been HOT, HOT, HOT and there has been no baking of bread other projects have been under development.   Writing fiction and more fiction.  Characters battle in my dreams for who gets  time on a page.  I awake energized for the words of the day and soon there is a tangle of focus and I feel they ganged up on me and I lose.

So here are a couple of photos of the dead smoker, upside down in preparation for the required amputation of rusted bits hanging on and application of the new housing which holds the water pan and the wood.  With this repair, it is time to consider releasing the yeast to rise and let the bake and smoke resume!