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Monday, June 28, 2010

Disappointment and Anticipation

That title could be about one's yeast bread baking efforts!  Not this time.  Yeast breads and cold pre-ferments are producing good results.  This is about the baking stone I have awaited with anticipation.  It arrived via UPS.  As the bubble wrap was pulled back from the first corner, the ominous break was revealed.  Thus, the disappointment.  A call to the attentive agent at the company(AWMCO, product name: FibraMent) prevented further disappointment.  He asked I send in photos, which I did.  He explained a replacement stone will be shipped out Monday (today, June 28).  I am back in anticipation mode awaiting anxiously again for the arrival of the baking stone.
Why bother with a stone?  For the even baking and over all end result of great bread elements of crumb and crust.  Also, even though the oven is large, two baking sheets do not really fit well.  The whole surface of the stone will allow better placement of loaves when I choose to bake 3 or 4 at a time or want to accommodate a large batch of buns/rolls.  Here are photos from a recent effort on Peter Rheinhart's Semolina. Above are two loaves in final proofing stage on one baking sheet.  They did swell into one another costing some of the luscious crust.  This will be solved with the baking stone.  The second photo demonstrates the loss of crust due to crowding.

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