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Friday, June 25, 2010

Cornbread, Southern Style

I have to tell you, since my grandmothers didn't make yeast breads so much, the aroma that sends me back is when the first spill of cornbread batter hits that hot oil in the iron skillet which has never seen anything but cornbread!  As a kid I thought it smelled like popcorn!  And my Pop and I couldn't wait for it to come from the oven so we could slather it with butter.  A tender, coarse crumb with that delectable crunchy bottom was heavenly.  There was always a fruit salad and an entree but who needed all that when the cornbread was fresh, steamy and hot!

I have been making this recipe since 1986 from the Southern Country Cookbook by Lena E. Sturges, who has an award list of culinary accomplishments that go back to the 60's.
This is a Southern cornbread, therefore, it is not sweet nor has the cakey texture.
This is real cornbread like we had on the farm.

Buttermilk Cornbread
1 cup cornmeal
4 tablespoons AP flour
1/2 teaspoon soda
1 teaspoon salt ( I use Kosher and measure 1.5 teasp.)
1 Tablespoon melted shortening
I egg
1 cup buttermilk

Mix dry ingredients.  Melt shortening in 10 inch iron skillet.  Beat egg,
add buttermilk.  Pour this mixture into the dry ingredients and stir only
until well mixed.  Add melted shortening; stir well.  The remaining skillet should be heated to "smoking" at which time you pour in the batter.  Slide the skillet into a hot 425 degree oven for about 30-35 minutes.  Remove and allow to rest for about 3 minutes.  Tip out onto a plate.  Serves 6, if you share!

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