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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Baking Tools

They arrived today. Peels.  Bread/pizza peels.  Time to put the starter together to bake up a Vienna loaf from BBA.  The large one measures 18 X 22; the small one is 12 X 14.  I will be reporting as to the use of these for proofing bread and delivery to the hot oven stone.I will be all set once the baking stone arrives a in a couple of days.
Another bit of good news is about German Brotchen.  Yes, the one I wrote about previously.  There was a post on from another baker who posted her recipe for Brotchen.  Now I can compare.  Her recipe does not use warm milk and she suggests Tippo 00 flour to get that perfect brotchen crumb texture.
A new project I have taken on is researching bread recipes for a friend who is allergic to wheat.  Using HBinFive, I have learned the attributes of various flours man of which are not from wheat.  For those of you out there with experience with flour substitutions and ratios please chime in via the comment link.

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