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Sunday, December 11, 2011

More on Pfeffernusse for Jack

Meet my neighbor friend,         Sgt. Jack Walker.  He harks back to the days of home in Louisville, KY where childhood came to an end at 17 when he enlisted.

Thanks to Joann Hayden for sharing her recipe from her mom's collection.  More pfeffernusse recipes to share soon!
Jack remembers tastes and flavors of his youth and I hunt them down.  That is how the Pfeffernusse Project came to be this month.  I have collected recipes from the good folks at The Fresh Loaf, a favorite online haunt for bread bakers and friends.   
More pfeffernusse is in the making, and Jack will be the one to say which is closest to his 'memories'.  There are other holiday favorites ahead as well.  Come on back and check out the Pfeffernusse Project.

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