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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Gone, October Arrives

Ahhh, only 74 this morning here in South Florida!  I am sure the hot hot isn't all gone but it is a sign of the fabulous temps we love in fall and winter here.  It should me less bugs at dusk, more comfortable outside chats and dog walks.
Looking for recipes, they are a-comin'.

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September didn't see to many posts here but October will be chocked full.  My goal is a daily post so check back in often, leave a comment, ask a question, suggest a recipe.  Looking for a long lost recipe?  I love hunting these down.  What is it that is missing from your recipe file; it doesn't have to be bread!

There will be Michael Grimm tunes playing in this baker's kitchen; that guy can make you wanna dance or bring to tears.  If you don't know what he sounds like, do a search and give a listen.  Oh yeah, I am a fan!

Book Talk Needed.  On my list for fall is The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.  Anyone interested in book talk leave a message and we will coordinate the readers' chat and decide titles. Suggest a title for discussion.
Marjut has been quilting gangbusters on my mama's quilt from the 30's. The top was made from individual squares by neighbors, friends and relatives.  Mom was about 5 years old.  She never completed it.  It needed the traditional last corner square, the edging, the batting, the back and of course all of the hand stitch quitling.  Marjut is one of my Buttermilk Milk Sisters in Milwaukee.  She travels with the Quilt and it has its own fan base.  She has finished the quilt top, put the batting and back together with basted stitches.  She has 75% or so quilted all in hand work.  The finished quilt will have no machine work whatsoever. The squares were appliqued by friends of my great-grandmother in Folsomdale, KY, half way between Paducah and Mayfield on HWY 62.  Each square had the embroidered name of the creator. These are good old Kentucky names I grew up hearing.  I am collecting photos she has made of the traveling quilt.  Once I have a montage prepared, I will share them.  It is quite amazing and beautiful.  Marjut, each stitch is a thread in our sisterhoodfriendship.  Sending out quilted hugs!

Now, you know some of my interests and projects.  Stop by and tell me some of yours.  If you have a blog, I will return the visit!

Baking and taking pictures for the blog is a challenge and I have some work to do for tomorrow begins OCTOBER!

Ya'll come back, ya-hear,  Wish there was a way to share the front porch swing I miss so.  It still swings at 1028 Park Street, Bowling Green, KY.


  1. It was 65 in the house this morning! I turned the heat to 66 to take the chill off! This is my kind of weather!

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