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Friday, September 17, 2010

Logan Fruit


  1. We have a similar fruit here called Lychee.

    It is one of my favourite fruits and in season, I can easily put by a quarter kilo each day! We make syrups and store to make lychee cool drinks during the off season.

  2. Hey Rummuser,
    Lychee is here during a certain season. I like both.

    Saw a fun movie, The Spice Goddess, about an Indian girl who comes to the US. She keeps the spice shop. Told from a bit of a legend I think. I enjoyed all the spice references and shots. Needed smell-a-vision!
    We collected the last of the mangoes today. Green yet. Recipe
    suggestions? Good to hear from you. I will visit your blog soon. Have a great day. Lisa

  3. Lisa, why reinvent the wheel? Just go and enjoy yourself

  4. I don't know what rummuser meant by reinventing the wheel that time. I must check out that link. He's a bit of an enigma, he is. I was going to talk about lychees in this comment but that would certainly be reinventing the wheel. So as you know both fruits, how are logan berries similar. Or are they?