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Sunday, January 30, 2011

BBA Challenge week #4 Brioche

Brioche has always seemed out of reach for me and this challenge got me across the 'bridge'.  It was the pan(s) not the recipe or procedure.  Here I am happy to share te results of today's efforts in the kitchen.

The sponge reacted in great bubble form.  I blended the dry ingredients and whisked the eggs separately as directed.  These were added to the sponge followed by the addition of the butter.  I chose to make the Poorman's version for the less butter content.  Oh, I would love the Richer version but we are trying on the calorie thing in our house.(somewhat)

With the butter worked in, the dough was extremely sticky.  I added a bit of flour and let the Kitchenaid to the knead.  I added less than a quarter cup of flour for the knead.  The dough became satiny but still tacky.  I tumped the dough onto the board for a hand knead to check the feel of the dough.  With flour on the board and hands, it folded well and was rather beautiful.  Next, the dough was given 90 minutes to rise in a lightly oiled bowl.  It rose nicely; excellent texture development.  I did not get photos before the bake.  Here you can see the crumb
tender, buttery, even without brioche pans.


  1. I baked brioche for the first time recently myself, aren't we maturing? :) Your's look ab fab!

  2. Beautiful buttery loaf! I've not made brioche yet. I love working with and watching how different doughs behave. Its like magic and very fascinating!

  3. Way to conquer the brioche, it looks wonderful.

  4. yo lisa i left you an award on my blog.. hope you wud accept it..