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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fried Green Tomatoes in Blue Cornmeal

Cut the tomatoes a bit thicker than a quarter inch. Dredge in milk, then seasoned blue cornmeal.  Repeat.  

In a large skillet with half cup hot oil, fry the slices of tomato with plenty of room until a toasted brown color is achieved.

 Flip slices over and brown.  This smells wonderful.  The toasted cornmeal, the tart tomatoes, mm-mm.
Drain on paper towel  This is a great snack with a slab of your favorite cheese, an accompaniment to a roasted meat dinner with black-eyed peas or as you see here, a salad.

This is a Vietnamese Calamari salad atop a bit of fried rice.  True it is out of the ordinary in combination!  Tasty!  Tasty!

Add a little blue cornmeal to your preparation of favorites for a change and surprise of great taste and texture.  I am happy to find  Blue Cornmeal by Bob's Red Mill now at my local grocery.

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