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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Small Oven Projects

I do have a small side oven.  I only have a couple of baking plans that will fit.  What does work is a pie plate.  I did make buttermilk biscuits yesterday.  They rose tall, caught a nice browning on the top and bottom.  Glass is good for that. The inside crumb was near perfect for biscuit:  light, tender, airy.  The buttermilk gives the biscuit a tenderness so different from regular milk plus that wonderful hint of a sour taste.  The Combsman likes his bread and isn't happy with the heat related hiatus I have been on lately.  Biscuits, that was the ticket.  This would have been a great pan to photo for a post but  GONE, they are.  I will have to be quicker with the camera next time.

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  1. yummm, buttermilk biscuits..only thing equal is sourdough biscuits!