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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mango Chutney

We love the aromatics of Indian Cuisine.
This is my favorite Indian cookbook because it has the 'real deal' for recipes and 'how to's'.  There are several wonderful Mango trees throughout the neighborhood.  Thankfully, neighbors like to share and swap fruits.

 Miss Joyce gave me a bunch of mangoes, huge ones.  They commanded CHUTNEY.  I so willingly obliged.
Beautiful Mangoes fresh from the tree.
Cheeks removed.
Luscious mango  aroma filled the kitchen.

Scoring the cheek in both directions make food art plus the ease of obtaining great chunks of mango.   The recipe makes about 2 cups of chutney.  The mangoes were huge and I had 9!  I got seven pints of Mango Heaven.

Summer Florida Bounty!  Some to eat, some to share and some to save for the long stretch before mangoes come again!



  1. Come over to India. I shall personally introduce you to mango in all kinds of preserves. I can't eat a meal without either a chutney or a pickle of some sort made with mangoes.

  2. Oh, Rummuser, we have longed to visit India for many years. Therefore, we must be getting closer to making it happen! A gracious invitation, indeed. I have added you to our 'must see' list.
    What great fun it would be to meet a fellow blogger, writer, and mango enthusiast! ~L~

  3. Mangoes right off the tree?! I'm way jealous. Did you can the chutney or freeze it in the jars? I wanted to dive right into the photo and take a juicy bite.

  4. THe chutney is canned. I love to hear the pop dink pop of the lids as they seal. MMmmmmm-mmm. That one shot is a juicy one!

  5. hmm... we indians love mangoes..yummyy.. those picz r mouth pickles are the most famous form of mangoes which most of the indians consumes...try chutney of raw mangoes.. its v sour..and v delicious...

    nice blog here... though i am not that much of a cook.. but i will share whatever i know about the topics... keep up the good work...,congratulation on such a great blog..!!!